9 BEST Notepad++ Alternatives for Windows PC 2023

Thanks to its open source nature, Notepad++ has plugins for almost anything you need. You can find the full list on this website, however, installing plugins happens through the built-in plugin manager. Then there is the search and replace functionality with many different options and the ability to search across several documents.

  • I now use flo’s freeware notepad2 which is just fantastic.
  • There is no limit to the size of the application you can program for in Sublime Text.
  • You can quickly change the file type you’re working with to instantly change syntax highlighting rules, as well as change the encoding of the file if you need to.

Just pointing to a product that might be useful doesn’t explain how to accomplish what was asked in the question. A comment can be used to leave helpful hints that point the reader in the right direction to develop their own answer. Unless you are interested in changing the colours of all windows, to affect only a single program you’ll probably need something like WindowBlinds’ per-app skinning ability.

The below command line is if you’re running a 32-bit version of Notepad++. Write a draft message before entering the text in a messaging platform that has a typing indicator or unwanted formatting. This allows you to edit and finalize your message outside of the platform before indicating you are working on a message in the platform. Textdoc can be used as a casual notepad for keeping track of items throughout the day without taking up space on Drive or elsewhere.

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Visual Studio Dark Theme reduce the luminance emitted by device screens, while still meeting minimum color contrast ratios. Visual Studio Dark Theme is a simple theme for notepad++ to match Visual Studio. While the rounded corners may seem like a minor change, Notepad’s settings page is going to be useful in the long run when the tech giant adds more customization features. One of my favorite Windows features to switch on immediately after any fresh install is Dark Mode, which makes the whole operating system feel a little calmer and easier on the eyes. Windows 11 ships with a Dark Mode, but it’s not enabled by default; you’ll have to do a little digging in the Settings menu to find it.

Welcome to EditPad.org – your online plain text editor. Click on buttons below or Press Any Key to create new note. You can also open entire folders of files at once if you’re working on a project, and even save the project for easy retrieval later.

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I wrote an article teaching how to enable a true dark mode effect on Excel with a trick of using a gray background that you can easily create on PowerPoint. That thing works, but you need to do that technique on every worksheet. So, I’m coming back with something more powerful that will overcome that need. The same dark mode is carried over to Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and any other Office applications. It is very easy to www.allaboutlaughs.com/maximizing-productivity-10-must-have-notepad/ enable or disable the dark mode in Microsoft Edge browser.

I don’t know whether this will solve your problem, but you could try the “XML Tools” plugin, where you can select the option “Pretty print”. My suspicion is there is a setting somewhere in the program which can be used to switch the text format from line to paragraph. Unfortunately I do not know enough to be even slightly dangerous so I will use the “2PC route”. I am afraid I cannot go back to Win 7 since all my PC’s now run Win 10. I have done nothing to the file, simply copied it from inside the program and dragged it to the NotePad++ window. I recall some processors having options on the save of the XML to determine how compact the output should be.

This editor is written in Java to run on almost all leading operating systems and devices like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and UNIX-based operating systems. Peter’s XML Editor is a highly advanced XML editor offering two basic requirements of syntax highlighting and customizable source view. It supports the code-template and auto-complete system. It has the ability to add, edit and delete attributes, elements, text, CDATA, etc. This unique level of XML editor supports the editing based on a syntax highlighting or tree view source.